Chilli sin carne with black tempeh_by Ev

This recipe was created by our community member Eva Champagne @happyandhealthy_foodie. Thank you Eva!



Spice mix marinade:

2 tsp chilli powder 

½ tsp salt (or less, or leave out) 

2 tsp ground chilli

2 tsp dried oregano 

¼ tsp ground allspice (or Jamaican pepper)

¼ tsp ground cinnamon 


For the chilli:

300 g black bean tempeh cut into cubes of 1,5cm

400 g red kidney beans, drained & rinsed 

400 g of tomato passata 

2 red chilli peppers diced, pits removed (unless you like the extra heat)

2 red onions diced

1 celery stick diced 

2 carrots diced

4 garlic cloves grated

50 g of walnuts 

1 tbsp of olive oil or de-odored coconut cooking oil

4 fresh plum tomatoes diced

1 red pepper & 1 yellow pepper diced or ¼ cup (50gr) of filetopiperia 

1 bay leaf whole

1 dried ancho chilli whole

40 g high quality black chocolate (aim for 85% cacao)

100 ml filtered water

2 tsp of low salt soy sauce


Side dish:

60 g dried quinoa 

1/4 young salad or any green salad served with light vinaigrette  

1 lime quartered


Preparation method:

1. Mix all the spices for the spice mix and rub it in the diced tempeh - set apart to marinate while you prepare the rest


2. Warm the oil in a cast iron, heavy bottom pan with a lid. Use a higher model, like for soup


3. Add the diced onion, then the grated garlic, the diced chilli peppers, the celery & the carrots; if you’re using fresh paprikas, add them at this stage. Let it lightly simmer until onions are translucent - but be careful not to burn them.

4. Now add the diced & marinated tempeh with all spices. Let it simmer a few minutes, avoid over stirring but again be careful not to burn your ingredients: this is not a stir fry, but a slow simmer dish


5. Now if using pipe Tata or preserved paprika, add it now 


6. Add the diced plum tomatoes


7. Add the tomato passata. Stir and if everything is covered by the passata. If not everything is covered, add bits of the 100ml of water prepared on the side - careful not to add too much as you don’t want a watery chilli! Simmer with lid mostly on, but leave lid off it is very watery so the water can evaporate.  Leave simmering in a low fire while you prepare the quinoa and the green side salad - carefully watching the chilli doesn’t dry out or starts to burn at the bottom of the pan 


8. Now cook your quinoa according to the instructions on the pack, until fluffy, dry & slightly translucent. When the quinoa is ready, leave it steaming in the pot, with the lid on, but turn the heat off 


9. Now the piece de resistance: add the black chocolate in the chilli and carefully melt it into the chilli while on a very low heat


10. Taste and if you think your chilli can use some more depth, add the 2 tsp of soy sauce


11. Serve and tuck in!