Fresh from Beanlife: Christmas tempeh (limited edition!)

Update Jan 2021: This campaign is over, thanks to everyone who participated!

We wish to end 2020 with color and joy, so we are launching a new tempeh product to help you create a gourmand moment for your family. 

What if your everyday beans could taste better and what if you could prepare them in new ways? This new Christmas tempeh is an innovation food that we created so that you and your family can have a special meal during the holiday season.

The Christmas tempeh is made from green peas and red rice which we selected carefully from as nearby as possible: peas from Hungary, and rice from Camargue, in France. They are both products from organic agriculture.

Tempeh is a natural product unlike many processed foods. It is produced in a process of transforming the beans and grains which is called fermentation. It combines natural ingredients and a starter culture called Rhizopus which makes the 'good' funghi grow (also called mycelium) and binds the beans together in a compact block that you can then slice, chop, and prepare in many ways. The beans are already cooked in the transformation process, which means that the tempeh will cook fast, in only 5-10 minutes, absorbing flavours and creating a unique taste for your dishes! 

Which dishes can we make with the Christmas tempeh?

  • crusty slices to accompany creme soups. The slices are grilled or fried, seasoned with salt, pepper and anything that you want to add

  • tempeh cubes roasted or fried in coconut oil are great warm apérifis 

  • curries with marinated tempeh (in chilli, garlic, ginger,,) and other veggies  


Our purpose at Beanlife is to support everyone to transition to a plant based diet that is delicious and joyful - with local foods that are never boring and a continuous discovery. We are flexitarians and in a continuous search for better alternatives to meat, but also a change from the usual veggie products. Producing tempeh is an adventure because it enables us to create new foods using the same artisanal 'technology'. Tempeh is an originally soy based product, but there is no limit to what you can create when you replace soy with other beans. You might know our 3 different kinds of tempeh - soy, black, and a circular economy hazelnut tempeh!  

For the month of December, we are offering the new Christmas tempeh to all the vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians, to all the foodies and curious people who would enjoy an original cuisine moment.

The Christmas tempeh is available as a block of 335g, in our Tempeh Discovery Pack.


The Pack includes different tempeh blocks and 3 custom recipes to create easy, but special meals for your family. You can also offer the Pack as a gift to your friends (#eatlocal #supportyourlocal). All our products are freshly made, vegan and gluten free.


After this difficult year with not so much color, we deserve to gift ourselves and our families a special gourmand moment. Click below to order the Discovery Pack, and feel free to share the links with your friends! There is no better news than the good news!


Enjoy your special moments,

Noemi & Winnie, Beanlife co-creatorstors