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Beanlife participates in NOURRIR BRUSSELS Festival: Make Your Own Tempeh workshops!

Beanlife tempeh workshops in 2021

Hello the fans and the curious! We are coming back from our holidays all vaccinated for #covid19 and eager to participate in the city life again!

Save the dates: 26 September and 9 October 2021

We are organising two workshops to share the passion for tempeh and teach you how to make your own artisanal tempeh at home. We started with minimal equipment a few years back, and you can do it too! Never before has there been a better time to produce our own food, especially food that is high in protein and has minimal processing. Tempeh is made through fermentation of different kinds of beans, which not only preserves the good nutrients in beans, but it also enhances them - making the proteins, vitamins and minerals more available to the body. In a 3 hour workshop you will:

  1. learn about real, not fake, healthy plant protein foods

  2. make your own tempeh from soy and other beans

  3. taste dishes with the Beanlife artisanal tempeh & take home recipes & starter culture to keep you going!

? Can I participate if I am not vegetarian or have never had tempeh ? YES! The workshop is for anyone who likes homemade food and wants to eat in a sustainable way.

INFO & REGISTRATION: Hours: 11:00 - 14:00 Locations: two different locations in Brussels city centre, at our partners BOOM Cafe Associatif and MOLLEKE. Event languages: FR/ EN

NB: The workshops are the same, so register for only one of them! Stay in touch through the facebook event pages!

NOURRIR BRUSSELS is the food festival you don't want to miss!

The Beanlife workshops are part of a city wide festival: NOURRIR Bxl takes over the city with the goal to support the transition to sustainable food and support all actors working in agro-ecology.

Approximately 120 events will take place all over town during 16 September - 16 October. Learn more, participate and support one of the amazing food organisations, cafes, cultural spots and so on:

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