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Holiday campaign launch: #TempehDiscovery

Holidays are our chance to gather the family around a delicious meal. Sadly, in 2020 we missed many new adventures together with loved ones. What if you could end the year with a delicious food moment?

This December, Beanlife offers you a Discovery Pack of tempeh products and recipes to help you create that special moment. If you don't know tempeh yet, all the better to try something new! Tempeh is a plant based meat alternative that gets its rich taste from a ripening process, very popular in Asia and breaking through in Europe. It’s easy to cook and best suited for savory dishes.

You will create your special moment with an ingredient that is:

  • fresh and unique. You'll cook dishes that turn heads - artisanal tempeh has a special taste and texture, unlike any any meat replacement, or store bought tempeh. Your whole family will enjoy it, no matter if they are vegetarians, vegans or if they prefer meat.

  • naturally high in plant protein. The nutrients in tempeh can be better absorbed thanks to its production process.

  • locally produced. Your original dishes will be a conversation starter - a good way to learn from this year's pandemic is by sharing high quality local food. Beanlife selects Belgian soybeans for its classic soy tempeh, and innovates with other colorful ingredients: black beans, green peas, red rice!

The Discovery Pack includes our new LIMITED EDITION Christmas tempeh and custom recipes to get you started!

The pack contains an assortment of different tempehs and surprising recipes:

  • 1 block of 335 gr frozen soybean tempeh. A nutty tasting tempeh that we make from Belgian soybeans,

  • 1 block of 335 gr frozen black tempeh. With a forest mushroom taste, this tempeh is made from black beans

  • 1 block of 335 gr limited edition Christmas tempeh! made from green peas and red rice with a crunchy texture.

  • 3 easy to cook festive recipes, to try during the holidays.

You will have enough tempeh to cook several meals for your family (1 block = 1 meal for 4 people). You can also gift the rest or store it in your freezer and prepare later. All the products are freshly made, vegan and gluten free (more info on our Products page).

Pack price: 23 EUR (incl. VAT).

Order now!

Head over to the campaign page:

Share your memories! #TempehDiscovery

After you receive your pack, use the #tempehdiscovery hashtag to share photos of your festive meals! By sharing, you connect with a community of people who are celebrating at the same time. After a year of pandemic, there has never been a better moment to enjoy experiences together and share the love for plant based and local food!

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