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The first Beanlab event: test our new hazelnut tempeh for the circular economy!

Since earlier this year, our Beanlife team has been working hard in research and development. In a project called Food from Food supported by Flanders Food, we began to incorporate 'waste streams' from oil production companies into our products. The truth is, these foods are anything BUT waste - we are talking about nutty fibers which are not currently valorised as they should.

We strongly believe tempeh is a technology for making new tasty food, and we would like to use it to advance the circular economy in Belgium. Imagine that: how many new products using interesting and nutritious ingredients could we discover? Beanlab #1 is our first community event for testing and tasting experimental foods.

We would like to welcome as many people and have a great party. Unfortunately, the measures for covid19 protection do not allow us to take any risks. We will host a small group gathering, but don't worry, we will have just as much fun eating! Event Date: 30 AUGUST 2020 at 12:00

Location: Fermenthings, our favourite fermentation shop and event maker. The address is Rue Dieudonné Lefèvre 4, 1020 Bruxelles. In case of new corona virus restrictions, we will find a new place and let you know.

We need community members to help us launch our new product!

We are looking for 4 passionate cooks and foodies who wish to:

  • taste an experimental product!

  • eat a tasty tempeh dish provided by expert chefs at Fermenthings.

  • after the event: cook with Beanlife tempeh for a family & friends dinner

  • finally, send us photos and feedback from your dinner

Make sure you are not allergic to hazelnuts, our products either contain hazelnuts or traces of nuts!

Interested to participate? Send us an email at and tell us why! Warmly, Noemi & Winnie

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