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Beanlife tempeh in the new Tasty Eco burger by Veganoo

Fastfood isn't always junkfood!

A great statement by Veganoo to present their vegan pitaburgers with healthy homemade toppings. Veganoo launched in Brussels a few months ago and is the first vegan fusion burgerbar. When we first tried it, we loved the pickled cabbage, the fresh greens and the plethora of sauces, from Middle Eastern to Hawaiian, making it the absolute vegan fusion food bar. All the Veganoo toppings are based on herbs and spices, more than salt - which is the hidden little devil in everything we eat and think is tasty!

But.. and there is a but. Until recently, all the burgers Veganoo offered were made using the Beyond burger products, which we all know it's highly processed food and not something you want to eat all the time. With a lot of commitment, the Veganoo team started looking for an alternative to this burger and ran a few trials using home ingredients to make their own burger patty. We love this approach of always improving and looking to put better quality foods on our plates and in our bellies.

We used tempeh of Beanlife cause their soy is locally grown, organic and non GMO.

We're proudly joining Veganoo to present you the new TASTY ECO - a vegan burger based on our Beanlife Belgian soy tempeh. To say anything before you could try it would be a pity.

>> Order their delicious home made eco burger on Deliveroo and Ubereats!

>> By ordering, you are helping them and us bring local plant food closer to consumers

>> Available in Brussels.

We'd love to hear what you think, email us or find us on social media to tell us if you like it! We are on facebook and on instagram!

Credit photos above: @veganoobxl on instagram.

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