The Beanlife tempeh adds real taste and texture to your plant based recipes. Your customers will come back for more!

We meet chefs all the time who want to cook more plant based. Unfortunately, they struggle to find high quality ingredients and have to spend time adding flavour to bland or processed meat alternatives.  We offer a selection of artisanal vegan products called tempeh, rich in protein, and you can choose between soy and non-soy tempeh.


We carefully source our ingredients to support local and organic production. Proud to work with Belgian soy and European black beans.

Natural and clean label

Tempeh is a whole food. Unlike processed foods, tempeh gets its flavour from transforming the beans through fermentation, without artificial ingredients.

Cooks in 10 mins!

Do you want it soft or crispy? Sliced or diced? You can create easy or sophisticated meals, in your personal style.


“Industrial tempeh is often quickly fermented, which gives a dull taste. The tempeh of Beanlife is even without seasoning very tasty! I love their way of thinking and experimenting” - Arno de Mol, chef 


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Step 2.

Test recipes in your kitchen

Never cooked with tempeh before? We provide easy recipes to get you started. 

Step 3.

Impress your customers

Offer a flavourful dish with a

 local and sustainable plant protein!


People everywhere are trying to eat more plant based, but many meat replacers are fake and processed foods. We believe that plant protein foods can be both tasty and authentic. You can actually taste the artisanship in our products. We think it’s a pity that tempeh is not well known in Belgium, or that many people think it can only be soy based. In fact, tempeh is at origins based on soy, but it can be produced from many other beans! In our own home kitchen, we discovered that tempeh is an ingredient that fits any meal, without extra work to flavour or cook it. Try it!


humus x hortense

“It was delicious and gave an interesting mouthfeel. We were surprised by the crunchy texture and smoothness inside. It kept together in very different formats we tried. Very rich, very in depth, long lasting flavour”


Industrial tempeh is often quickly fermented, which gives a dull taste. The tempeh of Beanlife is even without seasoning very tasty! I love their way of thinking and experimenting. The black tempeh is awesome, tempeh without soy, finally! 

Also the hazelnut-soy tempeh is incredible, the fact that they use the hazelnut ‘waste’ fits perfectly in our story! 


Nous aimons travailler avec votre tempeh car il est produit localement. Cela correspond à nos valeurs. Notre cuisinier qui aime faire voyager à travers ses plats, il peut le faire grâce à votre tempeh Belge. C'est ça la magie de l'innovation.


We used tempeh of cause their soy is locally grown, organic and nonGMO. We'll continue to sell our beyond burgers of course, but want to offer a less processed alternative for those who want.

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