A collective and promoter of sustainable lifestyles, Molleke carefully selects a variety of local products and makes it possible for consumers to buy straight from their local producers. Their online grocery store offers the option for you to pickup your order or get it delivered at your home!

Time for pickup/delivery: every Friday 17:30-19:30

Address: 64 rue de la Poudrière
1000 Bruxelles


Voedselteams is a cooperative and  network of local food teams and sustainable producers. They organise the direct trade of sustainable regional and seasonal food. Members can order and pay for the products online, and then collect everything at one of Voedselteams pickup points.

Beanlife tempeh is currently available across the Voedselteams Flemish Brabant. 



A shop and restaurant in Ghent committed to serving healthy and local products of vegetarian and vegan origins. You can buy the Beanlife tempeh in the usual 335g/pc. Arno and his team are also cooking our tempeh, so go ahead and try the best from the best.

Address: Brabantdam 1000

9000 Ghent

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